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Super City Garage


Super City Garage



Majorette Super City Garage: In this world of play there’s always something going on On seven floors with numerous ramps, lanes and playing details, the Majorette Super City Garage provides the ultimate in play ideas for our die-cast toy cars under licence from major brands. Two motorised car lifts conveniently raise the vehicles to one of the 35 parking spaces before they all go rapidly down again via the ramps. Six light and sound effect systems at the various play stations make the big city life even more realistic. Naturally, the foundation for the Majorette collection is already included. As a sports car, fire brigade vehicle or police car, the six die-cast toy cars, under licence from Audi, Ford, Toyota and Iveco, make the experience perfect. In addition, a battery-powered train with a trailer is included, for which batteries need to be obtained separately. Additional tip: The Majorette Super City Garage isn’t just a playing experience, but also a unique opportunity to show off your own Majorette collection in style.

Volvo Construction 4 Pieces Giftpack

Construction & commercial vehicles

Volvo Construction 4 Pieces Giftpack


soon available again

Majorette – Gift set with 4 Volvo construction vehicles – excavator, wheel loader, dump truck, articulated hauler, metal toy vehicles, for children aged 3 and above Majorette Volvo construction vehicles – take your toy construction site to the next level! Young children are fascinated by construction vehicles. Ideal as a toy or collector’s item, this four-piece Volvo gift set is guaranteed to make your child’s dreams come true! Three stunning models! Designed for children aged 3 and above, these lovingly designed construction vehicles are a must-have for all vehicle collectors and Volvo fans. The crawler excavator, wheel loader, A60H dumper and the exclusive truck with a dumper are the perfect addition to your toy construction site. The metal toy cars are built to last and feature rotating wheels for easy manoeuvring. Thanks to the moving parts, the vehicles can be used in a wide range of imaginary play scenarios both indoors and outdoors. Exclusive gift The gift set also includes an exclusive new truck that is only available as part of this set. Featuring a 13 cm dumper, the classic truck is a must-have in any collection. About Majorette - The cult brand from France has captivated car fans all over the world since 1964. The realistic and original licensed models of world-famous car brands are manufactured according to the highest quality standards and feature a robust design. From cars, monster trucks, emergency and construction vehicles to racing cars – Majorette offers an extensive collection of toy metal cars and matching car park sets with different themes. The small metal cars are ideal for children aged 3/5 or above and aspiring collectors of any age.

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